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I’ve worked as a petting farm coordinator, hotel bellman, vinyl LP warehouse manager, soda jerk, taco chef, and many other roles in my formative years. But you came here to see what I’ve done more recently, right? Below is a breakdown of my job roles since 2000, with the most recent including more in depth project overviews and user experience case studies. If you prefer bullet points and key words, you can also review a PDF version of my resume.

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Technical Program Manager
AWS Elemental (a subsidiary of Amazon Web Services) | October 2012 – June 2018

AWS Elemental serves a broad range of industries focused on live streaming and on demand video, at the highest quality possible. Team size > 250.

I started as the UX Manager in 2012, ensuring we developed our products with a strong user focus. Broadening my responsibility, I led project teams focused on user interactions and workflows, program managing products through their entire life cycle, as Technical Program Manager. I continued to drive scope decisions with quality user experiences in mind, leading process and implementation decisions with the team as the set of users. (I see design thinking as applicable to both UX and project management.) I also served for 5+ years on the Community Investment Committee, bringing user-focused thinking and leadership to how we organized our community volunteering efforts.

User testing for Elemental Conductor Live
User testing for Elemental Conductor Live

I provided both UX and Program Management on Elemental Conductor Live, a software management system to configure and operate clusters of multiple video encoder systems (the ‘Elemental Live’ product), designed for 1000s of channels. To learn more, read the three Elemental Conductor Live case studies.

Statmux annotated wireframes
Statmux annotated wireframes used to review workflow plans with users.

Another example project was Elemental Statmux, a software solution to manage video muxing across multiple channels and encoding systems. To learn more, read the two Elemental Statmux case studies.

Senior Project Manager
Babcock & Jenkins | April – August 2012
A client site I produced with B&J

Babcock & Jenkins was a full service marketing agency focused on business-to-business transactions, with strengths in strategic, creative, digital, technical, and analytic services. Team size < 80.

I was the Senior Project Manager, focused on broad campaigns touching all aspects of our offerings. I kept both the team and clients up to date on timelines, scope definition, and quality assurance, with an eye to identifying and removing roadblocks when needed.

Media Production Manager
One Economy Corporation | 2006-2012

One Economy Corporation was a global non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of people from underserved communities through the use of technology. As technical thought leaders in the social engineering space, OEC focused on media content with a public purpose. Team size > 150.

One Economy Corporation
One Economy Corporation’s Corporate Website

Upon my hire as the Media Production Manager, the Washington DC based corporation focused its media services in Portland, with my leadership in design, product management, and project management driving our quality, consistency, and technical competencies. I had a hand in almost every project during my tenure, leading through the transition from using external contractors to growing our fully internal development and creative teams. View more screenshots.

Web Manager
AIP – an exclusive independent vendor of Nike products | 2001 – 2006

Nike Golf Purchase Program
Nike Golf Purchase Program

AIP (Athlete Influencer Programs) was an exclusive independent vendor of Nike products. Through catalogue and online sales, they served athletic professionals with a members only line of early run footwear, apparel, and accessories. Team size < 80.

As the Web Manager, I redesigned all of our websites to adhere to the brand direction of the corporate-driven print catalogues, salvaging the trust needed to maintain an e-commerce channel through several dozen seasonal updates. I led the process improvements on content and data management, reducing our seasonal launch downtimes from 5 days to 10 minutes. During my tenure as Web Manager, our online sales grew by 20% in the first year, and our returns reduced by 25% over two years. View more screenshots.

Web Designer
Dentistry Online, Inc. – an online service for dental industry | 2000 – 2001

Dentistry Online provided multiple digital services to dentists and oral surgeons, including brochure marketing and information sites. Team size < 50.

As a Web Designer for these websites, I played the role of project scope manager, designer, and developer. I consulted on branding and messaging, doing whatever was needed to make the websites attractive, usable, and useful.

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